Oh, The Lessons I've Learned!

I have been storing food for almost my whole life. I grew up in the Midwest where my mother taught me to bottle fruits and vegetables. We had a large garden. While other children had normal lemonade stands, ours came with a bonus. We gave away our extra vegetables with every cup of lemonade.

I have had many challenges with storing my food over the years. Some of them were easy to overcome. Some not so easy. I have wasted so much time, money and brain power on trying to figure out a good system. I have wasted so much food as well. And I feel really guilty about this! Some of my problems were bulging and leaking cans because they weren’t rotated fast enough. Flour that tasted like the #10 can it was stored in. I’ve had bags of wheat or oats been chewed through by mice. I haven’t kept a good list of what I have on hand so I keep buying more of what I already have. I don’t have my food in a central location because of all of the different sized cans and boxes so I have zero clue of how much I have. I don’t know what I can make with all of it. Would my family eat a meal of just stewed tomatoes and beans?

I’m wanting a product that sends me the food that I need to store in packages that are mice resistant, with labels that help me know the contents. I want a food storage system that takes the guess work out. I want to know that I am storing the right foods and have the correct amounts for my family. And I want someone else to do the thinking for me. Obviously my ways haven’t been working.

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