Localfluence Influencer Offer

16 Free Servings!


About Storage Chef

Storage Chef is the only company that offers monthly food storage delivery to your door.  Imagine paying as little as $39.95 and having 40 servings of great tasting food delivered to you each month!  It is the easiest and most affordable way to build home food storage...period.

Storage Chef Advantages

-Peace of mind (your family will be protected!)

-We take the guesswork out of it for you

-These are complete meals you just add to water

-No risk! (cancel at any time)

-Long shelf life (up to 20 years)

-Affordable (you can start today!)

Localfluence Offer

You receive 4 servings of 4 different foods (16 servings total) for free! (you only pay $8 shipping)

This is a great way to try our food so you can be confident your family will eat it during an emergency!

This video tells you how Storage Chef works!

Cheddar Soup.jpg